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Our motivation in KAPP-Concept is to meet our clients needs.


We believe that the current challenge of the various programs is the cost management and time while providing quality technical service.


We offer our effective approach in technical project management to provide the following services:

A successful project requires adequate preparation: evaluation of your project, the level of expertise and resources required to achieve it. We support you in this task by doing clear technical requirements and organization necessary team. As a result, your current projects are better structured while allowing a better assessment of your financial future projects.

We handle all the tasks of project management, including coordination between design teams, stress and manufacturing. Our goal: your success.

Using sophisticated design tools, used by most aircraft manufacturers, we handle the design of complete subassembly according to your requirements and exchanges with production are beneficial to make projects efficient in time and cost.

The experience and flexibility of our team allows to act at any time in your projects. Including direct intervention in your team to resolve technical design issues.

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